Have you wondered if alcohol or drugs -prescription drugs, recreational drugs or street drugs- are the cause of problems for you, or your spouse? And if so, what to do? Are You having problems at home, work, or with friends? Are you experiencing communication problems with your husband or wife?  Do you feel judged and misunderstood?

About Clayton Lee

Alcohol Abuse Counselor Clayton Lee, CHt, LCDC Clayton Lee, CHt, LCDC, maintains an active Private Practice of Counseling, Hypnosis and Meditation Instruction for clients with alcohol & drug issues, and other issues for which he is certified to treat.  Clayton has been active in 12 Step Recovery and other self improvement programs, groups and workshops for more

Alcohol Counseling

I believe every person affected by alcohol has the ability to change. I believe you wouldn't be reading this alcohol counseling and treatment website if deep down you didn't believe there is a better life for you. I got clean & sober more than 37 years ago, and I will help guide you to freedom. There's a clinical

Houston Counseling – Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco and Stress Help

Houston Texas alcohol & drug counselor Clayton Lee, CHt, LCDC Private Practice of Counseling, Hypnosis, Meditation Training and Tobacco Cessation for clients and family members troubled about alcohol or drug use. Certified treatment for other issues, such as Tobacco Cessation - Stop Smoking Now, and Stress - Anxiety Reduction are often worked successfully in these private sessions.  Clayton has been sober, drug-free and tobacco-free for more than three decades. He is now and has been active in 12 Step Recovery AA, NA, Alanon, CoDA, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Lifeway International for daughter's recovery since the 1980s. During this time, Mr. Lee has also been active in other learning and experiential self improvement programs, groups and workshops..