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Your First Session

What Happens in Your First Visit? We'll sit down and talk.  You'll tell me what got you to counseling and I'll answer any questions you have.  Relaxed conversation, with no judgments on anything you share

Legal Requirements

Court Ordered Treatment for Alcohol, Drug or Related Substance-Use Legal Issues I.O.P., E.I.O.P., Private Counseling Many of our clients have been court directed by a judge or probation officer to enter treatment for their alcohol or

Alcohol Counseling

I believe every person affected by alcohol has the ability to change. I believe you wouldn't be reading this alcohol counseling and treatment website if deep down you didn't believe there is a better life for

About Clayton Lee

I'm Here to help You. Please let me help you. Tel & Text: (713) 906-2221 Alcohol Abuse Counselor Clayton Lee, CHt, LCDC Clayton Lee, CHt, LCDC, maintains an active Private Practice of Counseling, Hypnosis and